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The Little Book of
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Little Book of Trading Performance

Little Book of Trading Performance

Little Book of Trading Performance


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Welcome to a whole new world of RSI -
"The Cardwell RSI Methodology". Glad that you're here, we've been waiting for you.

Over the last 20+ years I have been able to help traders realize that the RSI is much more than just an overbought/ oversold oscillator. The RSI has inherent characteristics that will help you identify and analyze the four basic and key components of successful trading and investing -- price, momentum, time and sentiment.
Traders who have studied my work as course students already know how powerful and dynamic the RSI is as a trading tool. For those not yet familiar with my work, you owe it to yourself and your trading performance bottom line to check out how we use the RSI. You too, can learn how to identify trend change, define reward/risk ratio and forecast future price objectives with higher probabilities.

We just celebrated the 20th anniversary of my teaching my RSI Courses . It's almost hard to believe that I have been working with the RSI for now over 30 years. And even though I do not teach my courses live anymore, I do still offer them in a home study format. The best part of a home study version is you will be able to proceed at your own pace. (In the RSI Courses link you can find course descriptions as well as the outlines for you to look over.)

Thank you for coming by to see us at Cardwell RSI EDGE. We look forward to helping and hearing from you soon.

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