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Many traders have written to me and asking how to get a copy of my RSI books. As a matter of fact, they do not exist, they were never published and I have no plans at this time to write one. Allow me to explain the reasons for my not completing and offering them and let you know about a limited offering of my course.
The "Basic RSI Course" which I taught as a seminar and now offer as a home study version was "my book". During the years in which I taught the course since 1988, over 70% of my students were referrals from previous students and we have students in 25 countries using what they learned through the course. Many have told me the course was worth many times over the price they paid for it.. Some have even said it would be hard to put a price on the value of what they learned.
Although not written in book form, the material in the course was presented in a trading manual and reference format. The manual was illustrated with charts and diagrams for trend analysis, trend change and the most dynamic aspect of RSI - Price Forecasting through RSI Pattern Recognition - These patterns are known as the Cardwell Positive(PR) & Negative(NR) Reversal Patterns.

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The material taught in the courses is applicable to all markets and all time frames. The comments that I write and forward to course students are written in the same language in which I taught the courses. I cover many markets, including currencies, and try to pass along what I see to help students see the markets with respect to the RSI in real time.
We have course students who trade futures, stocks and cash markets. Some of our clients even track and time their mutual funds with what they learned in the courses. Many students have gone from being initially part time traders, to trading fulltime for a living and some onto money management.
All course students start with the RSI Basic Course and then proceed onto the RSI EDGE. What is first presented in the "Basic" is the foundation for what will be learned and built upon in the "EDGE". We do offer a discount for those who order both courses as "a set". The RSI Basic Course is currently being offered at $1500USD and The RSI EDGE Course is at $3500USD. The RSI EDGE Course also includes propreitory indicators and trend models. The "complete set " is offered at $4500USD (a $900 Discount vs ordering separtely) and we cover all shipping charges.
There is a “Big” Difference between just trading and making money. But, it is not until your learn the difference that you will start making money. We look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to be a Cardwell RSI Trader.
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