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Little Book of Trading Performance

Little Book of Trading Performance

Little Book of Trading Performance


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What the Pros are Saying about Andrew Cardwell

“Andrew is a high quality and honest analyst. In addition to his superb analytical skills, he is a person of high integrity which separates him from virtually all other analysts in the industry.”

Courtney Smith,
President, Investment Mentoring Institute

“Andrew is not only a great technical analyst focusing on RSI, but also a great tutor in this field. He masters the profession of market timing, forecasting and is always a helping hand for those who want to enhance their portfolio performance by precise timing decisions or want to broaden know-how on momentum indicators.”

Laszlo Kovacs,
CMT, Head of Asset Management, Head of Risk Management, UNIQA

“Andrew is clearly the doyen of Welles Wilder's RSI with a knowledge unparalleled in the market. Understanding the usage of RSI cannot be contemplated without understanding Andrew's supplementary technique.”

Ian Copsey
Analyst, Harmonic Elliott Wave

“Andrew provides everything anyone would ever want in regard to Wilder's RSI (Relative Strength Index). He as developed comprehensive courses and lectures on the subject. A truly valuable component to anyone interested in the markets.”

Greg Morris
CEO, MurphyMorris.Inc

“I have known Adrew for over 30 years as one of the premier technical analysists in the USA. His status over this time is a testament to his knowledge and qualifications.”

John Ehlers,
President, Mesa Software

“I have been in the future's business for 37 years and I have known "Mr. Stochastic", George Lane;"Mr. %R", Larry Williams;
and as far as I'm concerned Andrew IS "Mr. RSI" !”

Joe Krutsinger,
CEO, Fully Automated Trading,Inc.

“Andrew has been a respected professional in this industry for many years, which in this very challenging field of endeavor is a testament to his quality work.”

Jim Wyckoff,
Market analyst, writer, publisher, president, Jim Wyckoff Enterprises

“Andrew Cardwell is an expert trader who specializes in a technical indicator called the Relative Strength Index (RSI). RSI, which measures momentum, was first published by Welles Wilder in 1978. But we have Andrew to thank for developing a deep understanding of this dynamic indicator. His lectures on RSI have helped me tremendously. If you are interested in technical analysis and only know RSI as an overbought-oversold indicator, you owe it to yourself to contact Andrew and learn the complexities of RSI from the master.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Parker Binion
Private Investor

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